AIS Council Elections: Candidates from our region are standing

Published by Mary Tate on

To the Australasian IS Community

You might have seen AIS messages about the 2024 AIS Council Elections which are now open. There are two Region 3 candidates (from Australia and New Zealand) standing in these elections: Carol Hsu, University of Sydney is a candidate for Vice President of Communications and Julia Kotlarsky, University of Auckland is a candidate for Vice President of SIGs and Colleges.

Having good representation of Region 3 in AIS council is great for IS faculty and PhD students in our region, as they are able to bring contextual insights (e.g., travel/budget constraints and sustainability concerns when it comes to travelling to major conferences that are typically taking place in North America and Europe), and would help to better integrate our IS scholars with the global IS community.


Associate Professor Mary Tate
School of Information Management
Victoria University of Wellington

Co editor-in-chief: Communications of the AIS