ACIS 2022 Awards

Australasian Conference on Information Systems 2022

Hosted by the University of Melbourne

4-7 December 2022


Congratulations to the following award recipients!

ACPHIS PhD Medal 2022 Winner

  • Dr Malmi Amadoru

ACPHIS PhD Medal 2022 Nominees

  • Dr Asad Abbas
  • Dr Silviana Tana
  • Dr Avijit Chowdhury
  • Dr Megan Power
  • Dr Blair Wang

ACPHIS PhD Medal 2021 Winner

  • Dr Mark Bremhorst

ACPHIS PhD Medal 2021 Nominees

  • Dr Malshika Dias
  • Dr Ghazal Bargshady
  • Dr Anuruddha De Alwis
  • Dr Philipp Rouast

Best Track Organization

Equal Winners

  • Track 1 – General (Frada Burstein, Rodney Clarke, Michael Roseman)
  • Track 7 – Health (Lemai Nguyen, Eila Erfani, Saeed Akhlaghpour)

Best Reviewer

  • Odd Fredriksson

Best Reviewer Runner Up

  • Vivian Zhou

DH CRC sponsored Best Papers for the Digital Health Track

  • First prize: Basma Badreddine, Yvette Blount and Alireza Amrollahi – Perceived Quality Indicators of Cancer-Related Podcasts Provided by Non-Profit Cancer Organisations
  • Runner-up: Jemma Smith, Aashish Bhandari, Berkan Yuksel and Baki Kocaballi – An Embodied Conversational Agent to Minimize the Effects of Social Isolation During Hospitalization

Kit Dampney Prize (Best ACIS Education Paper)

  • Minna Paltiel, Marc Cheong, Simon Coghlan, and Reeva Lederman (2022) – Teaching Digital Ethics in Information Systems

ACIS Best Research in Progress Paper

  • First prize: Sose Raeinaldo Virnandes, Jun Shen and Elena Vlahu-Gjorgievska – Generating Public Trust through Digital Government Transformation
  • Runner-up: Sebastian Kaess – Low Code Development Platform Adoption: A Research Model

Johnny Smoes ACIS Best Paper

  • First prize: Jiamei Sun, Dongming Xu and Yunfei Shi – Uncovering Digital Platform Generativity: A Systematic Literature Review
  • Runner-up: Hannes Fischer, Martin Wiener, Susanne Strahringer, Julia Kotlarsky & Katja Bley – From Knowing to Data-Driven Organizations: Review and Conceptual Framework
  • 2nd Runner-up: Dmitrii Kostin and Diane Strode – Effective communication in globally distributed Scrum teams